Our core platform that seamlessly integrates and analyzes medical claims, Rx claims, member eligibility, and biometric data, enabling users to:


    • The most significant cost drivers and trends in healthcare expenditures
    • Population risks according to evidence-based algorithms
    • Employees and dependents with rising and intervenable risk that could lead to future spending


    • Simulate and deploy health and wellness programs for cohorts segmented by condition, demographics, utilization, cost


    • Enhanced member experience to access personalized information
    • Personalized recommendations to improve member engagement based on predictive analysis
    • Provider search, benefits education, steerage, and benefits tracking 


    • Measure the impact of health and wellness programs on key performance indicators such as health service utilization, cost, and population risk scores


    Our portal that enables advanced clinical insights and medical management using a holistic view of employees’ and members’ health status and service utilization. A licensed physician will provide clinical recommendations regarding high-cost claimants, adherence to clinical guidelines and care gaps, and stop-loss management.


      Our app enabling you to conduct targeted health and wellness promotion campaigns to support employees and their dependents in making proactive cost-effective decisions about their healthcare.

      Members and employees can use the zConnect app to view claims history, receive customized data-driven health recommendations and explore the benefits and options that best fit their needs.

        The Values
        Drive 30% higher engagement

        with proactive messaging of savings and wellness opportunities

        Intelligent steerage

        reduces costs and ensures better quality service

        Simple, 1-touch outreach

        through message templates and preloaded campaigns

        Improve customer service

        Reduce customer service calls regarding benefits and deliver superior member experience

        • Close gaps in care like diabetes visits and wellness checkups
        • Optimize service utilization for urgent care to avoid ED use
        • Prompt medication adherence and implement low- cost pharmacy solutions
        • Promote existing services such as telemedicine
        • Intelligent steerage towards low cost high quality providers for scans, tests etc.
        • Reminders for flu vaccination, PCP visits and much more
        • Communication with entire member population


        zakipoint Health recognizes the importance of data security and regularly tests its security measures and policies with third-party security experts to ensure HIPAA compliance and all employees complete HIPAA-awareness certification for Business Associates


          Baseline Report

          A comprehensive longitudinal report that integrates up to three-years’ worth of medical, Rx, and biometric data to provide trends and analysis of member and employee healthcare utilization, cost, and risk.

          Quarterly Insights Report

          A quarterly report that highlights cost drivers, population risks, and cost savings opportunities and recommendations to improve compliance with evidence-based preventative and wellness guidelines.

          Stop loss Report

          A report that provides a comprehensive analysis of all claimants according to the aggregate (spec) limit, cost trends and drivers, and trigger diagnoses, including a member-level summary.

          Clinical Report

          An annual clinical report and review led by our medical director that presents population risks, conditions, complications, and underlying trends as well as recommendations on health and wellness programs and employee communication campaigns to proactively manage risks.