Platform and member outreach portal

What we do

Identify: recognize opportunities for cost savings

Identifying opportunities for cost savings and risk mitigation with predictive analyses enables TPAs to determine:

  • Data-driven identification of cost drivers
  • Client-specific predictive analysis to address prospective risk
  • Prioritized savings opportunities based on spend and population risk

Act: target cost drivers, implement solutions, engage, and drive action

Developing a population-specific library of actions and solution tool to tackle prioritized areas provides TPAs

  • Detailed population-specific action plans
  • 360-degree view of member for health and wellness management
  • Personalized member-specific engagement and outreach

Connect: drive engagement and positive member experience

TPAs can create an engaging member experience through personalized recommendations and communications. This empowers members to use their health benefits effectively and result in:

  • Enhanced member experience
  • Personalized recommendations to improve member engagement
  • Provider guidance and benefits education

Track: visualize the impact of engagement actions

By tracking the impact of actions on spend and member health (and adjusting actions accordingly), TPAs are able to:

  • Monitor progress and impact of actions
  • Find opportunities to change interventions
  • Set goals and develop insights and levers to adapt solutions

How we can help

Identify (zAnalytics)

  • Top chronic conditions and prospective risk scores
  • Gaps in care and high-risk cohorts
  • Prioritized opportunities
  • Provider analysis
  • Track Rx utilization
  • ED use trends

Track (zAnalytics)

  • Set goals and track progress with a dashboard of engagement and quality metrics
  • Compare different programs to view efficacy
  • Receive helpful insights & levers to tweak solutions

Act (zNavigator)

              • Implement actions and solution pathways such as telemedicine, diabetes management, coaching etc.
              • Choose from a library of actions clinical or plan design to implement
              • Engage with the population at a member-level through the zNavigator member portal
              • Send campaigns to specific cohorts based on certain conditions

              Connect (zConnect)

              From reminders on PCP visits to getting instant responses to 100s of commonly asked questions about deductibles and places of care and much much more; employees are able to make better decisions and ultimately save money for the plan sponsor.

              Personalized care

              View claims history, explanation of benefits and your ID card, review customized data-driven health recommendations


              Outreach directly with AI chatbot and push notifications, connect with customer service representatives

              Simplicity and education

              Quickly locate a friendly, open-access provider, know copays and estimated care costs upfront

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