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Third-party administrators (TPAs)

    Pain Point

    TPAs face the challenge of controlling healthcare costs for their self-funded clients, while delivering a superior member experience that engages the population in a personalized way. As health spending becomes increasingly unsustainable, employers look around for a partner who can identify and act on cost-savings opportunities by deploying the rights solutions that engage the population.

    TPAs that can take on this role will not only be able to differentiate themselves from competitors, but also provide a much greater value. Those that cannot are at risk of losing clients or relegated to winning smaller clients.


      With zakipoint Health, TPAs can:

      • Dramatically improve the impact of reporting to clients using the zAnalytics visual dashboard with actionable insights and actions embedded with latest data.
      • Deliver data driven cost containment to clients by focusing on the biggest cost drivers group at a time or across the book of business
      • Differentiate themselves as a value-add cost and risk-containment partner
      • Generate additional revenue by up-selling better member experience through zConnect for personalized member communication and population health promotion
      • Provide better clinical, case and care management and tracking using the zNavigator portal with a 360-degree view of members.

        Benefits consultants

        Pain Point

        As key advisors to self-funded employers on a wide range of matters from health benefits to employee perks, benefits consultants have the challenge of handling the minute details and the big picture, so that clients don’t have to. Before even beginning to advise on strategic opportunities, merely putting together a comprehensive picture of clients’ health spend requires data integration across multiple sources, sophisticated analyses, and support in creating a strategic narrative.


          With zakipoint Health, benefits consultants can:

          • Create flexible dashboards on spending patterns, population risk, and clinical cohorts, in order to explain emerging strategic opportunities
          • Spend less time managing the nitty-gritty of data integration and more time advising on strategic opportunities using hard data
          • Integrate and evaluate health and wellness solution partners for clients based on demographics and clinical conditions
          • Independently verify health spending metrics that carriers report


          Pain Point

          Most employers wants to do right by their employees to recruit and retain a high-quality workforce. As healthcare costs continue to rise without commensurate returns, it becomes increasingly challenging to manage this priority. Within that growing health spends are savings opportunities, but employers may not have the data or resources to understand where those opportunities lie and how to realize them efficiently and effectively.


            With zakipoint Health, employers can:

            • Receive independent verification and analysis of health spending to enable more accurate budget forecasting
            • Access a real-time dashboard to understand how employee demographics and conditions are driving health spending and risk
            • Get actionable recommendations from health spending and clinical reports on how to lower healthcare costs and improve employee health
            • Securely and confidentially reach out to employees via text and email to promote and engage them in wellness programs
            • Track the effectiveness and ROI on health and wellness programs

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