Our Story

zakipoint Health was founded in 2014 with a simple belief that too much is spent on health services and not enough is spent on health care. Too many employers and employees see health care costs grow without returns, too many tensions arise when health cost growth is managed via cost-shifting, and there are too many missed opportunities to address the root causes of spending. We got frustrated and developed a best-in-class platform, reporting, and engagement tools to empower employers, benefits consultants, and third-party administrators to bend the cost curve. Our talented team brings together extensive experience in health IT, benefits design, population health and patient care, and user experience to create solutions that are intuitive, backed by rigorous analyses, and supportive of specific and actionable recommendations to lower costs.

Our Core Beliefs
Employers deserve visibility into their enormous healthcare spend.
There are innovative solutions that can redesign how healthcare is delivered.
Data speaks truth. Our healthcare system has been made complex; it is time to unpack it.
Our Team
Ramesh   Kumar

Ramesh Kumar

CEO and co-Founder

As the CEO, Ramesh Kumar brings deep entrepreneurial, technology, data science and healthcare expertise to lead the company. Ramesh’s goal is to ensure that employers get value from their healthcare spend, and contain costs. As a personal goal, Ramesh wants to play squash competitively.

Bijay   Ghimire

Bijay Ghimire

CTO and co-founder

Bijay’s expertise lies in building innovative solutions to improve healthcare efficiency using various data warehousing, statistical, linear and multidimensional analyses.  At ZPH, Bijay combines his technology expertise and his healthcare data management experience to head the tech team. Bijay is currently focused on running a half-marathon.

Peter  Smulowitz        MD MPH

Peter Smulowitz MD MPH

Medical Director

As the Medical Director, Dr. Smulowitz provides clinical direction and oversight to the team in the areas of clinical analysis, product innovation, and care management recommendations. Dr. Smulowitz’s research and clinical interests center around physician decision-making, cost control and payment reform in healthcare.

Dipali   Dey

Dipali Dey

Market research analyst

At ZPH, Dipali Dey is responsible for executing marketing activities across offline and digital channels. Dipali is a key member of the account management team and also assists in product development, sales and wellness data management. Dipali enjoys traveling in her free time.

Basanta  Gurung

Basanta Gurung


Basanta is responsible for developing solutions and implementing customer requirements to ensure value is delivered to zakipoint Health’s customers. He is involved in concept generation, innovation and transformation of our products to make them more actionable and customer-centric. While not at work, he enjoys travelling and swimming.

Allison Sullivan

Allison Sullivan

Account Manager

At ZPH, Allison Sullivan is responsible for carrier and client relationship management by coordinating deliverables on various projects. Allison plays a key role in data management and product development. In her free time, Allison Sullivan is passionate about hiking and skiing.

Jyoti   Poudyal

Jyoti Poudyal

QA Engineering Manager

Jyoti thrives on optimizing the efficiency, stability, and security of our products as well as developing new features to make
it robust. She connects with the mission of ZPH on a personal level as a fitness and wellness maven.

Shiva   Pun

Shiva Pun

Director of Product Development

Creative problem-solving is what gets Shiva out of bed every morning. Involved from the early stage, he loves tinkering with and then implementing technological solutions to complex challenges. Shiva loves spending his free time with his wife and children.

Akhil Mani

Akhil Mani

Head of client solutions

Akhil oversees the new product launch of ZPH’s mobile AI benefits application, zConnect. He is an analytical and data driven problem solver who enjoys working with customers to find solutions for their challenges. Akhil enjoys skiing, tennis, golf, and listening to jazz music.

Our Advisors

Dr. Stephen Kutner

Dr. Stephen Kutner

President of Market Innovations

Dr. Kutner is an advisor to zakipoint Health and has 25 years of management consulting and industry experience. Dr. Kutner focuses on the application of econometrics, decision science, and behavioral economics. Dr. Kutner is a leading expert in areas of reducing risk of uncertainty associated with assessing the commercial viability of innovative ideas by leveraging rigorous analytic, optimization, and predictive techniques.

Tom  Craig

Tom Craig

CEO of Shockwave International

Tom Craig co-founded and was a Partner at Monitor Group, a global management consulting firm, until May 2012. Craig is currently the CEO of Shockwave International. Craig has broad international and industry experience. He has worked in over 70 countries on six continents and has led over 400 projects over the past 33 years for Fortune 500 companies and their international equivalents, startups, and at the highest levels of government.

Marc  Backon

Marc Backon

Healthcare Industry Advisor

Marc Backon is zakipoint Health’s healthcare advisor. Backon is an experienced healthcare executive. Backon has spent his career leading key functional areas of large, national health plans, blue plans and consumer-driven health insurance companies. His background crosses virtually all aspects of the business, focusing on strategy, business segment and health care reform, sales & account management, product development, network strategy, PR communications and marketing.

Heather Ritchie

Heather Ritchie

Product Advisor

Heather’s expertise is in defining product strategies and customer experiences for healthcare technology solutions. She has over a decade of healthcare experience across payer, provider, pharmaceutical, government, and technology company engagements, including product strategy roles at Anthem and WebMD Health Services. Heather has a degree in BA in Biochemical Sciences from Harvard University and MS in Healthcare Management from Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health.

Armen  M

Armen M

Operations Consultant

Armen Meguerditchian is an experienced business leader, with expertise in market penetration, business and team development. Armen is a master at leveraging technology solutions for revenue generation and profitable goal attainment. He has held numerous consulting engagements both as an independent consultant working with software startups, as well as a senior strategist working with large e-commerce projects as part of IBM Global Services’ Customer Relationship Management strategy group.

Kevin  Gorman

Kevin Gorman

Founder of Putnam Associates

Over more than 25 years, Kevin built Putnam Associates into a highly respected industry leader with 50+ consulting professionals and multi-million dollar revenues.  Kevin has created and led the development of profitable, longstanding partnerships with a global clientele of major biopharmaceutical and other life science industry players. Kevin is the author of The First Twenty Years Are the Hardest: Two Decades in Healthcare Strategy. He has an MBA degree from Harvard Business School.

Dave   Kerrigan

Dave Kerrigan

Founder of Sante Nasc

Dave is passionate about the healthcare industry and has worked in numerous areas of healthcare delivery including payer, provider, brokerage, informatics, pharmacy, and state government.  As a personal goal, Dave would love to move to Mexico for a month or two to fully immerse himself in the language and culture. He’d also love to write a book.

Dr. Shiban Warikoo

Dr. Shiban Warikoo

Clinical Consultant

Dr. Warikoo is Chief Clinical advisor to zakipoint Health. Dr. Warikoo has over 43 years of clinical experience in the US healthcare system as a practicing urologist. Dr. Warikoo is on the board of Conemaugh Hospital system and chairs the performance improvement committee. Dr. Warikoo has published scientific papers in clinical journals and is member of various professional societies like American Medical Association. Dr. Warikoo is a strong proponent of patient advocacy initiatives.

Nikhil Bhojwani

Nikhil Bhojwani

Co-founder of Recon Strategy

Nikhil Bhojwani is a Managing Partner at Recon Strategy. It is a consulting firm that focuses on helping healthcare service players identify and take advantage of opportunities arising from healthcare reform, new technologies, and disruptive business combinations and operating models. His clients include some of the top hospitals and health insurance firms in the U.S. as well as healthcare startups. He co-authors the influential Healthcare Recon blog.