• Bringing diverse datasets from multiple sources was challenging
  • Reporting lacked direction and tangible action opportunities


  • Visual dashboard tells a compelling story about where to focus
  • Reporting includes decision-support for opportunities and action



Client retention and growth achieved through specific, data-driven policy and program optimization:

  • Leverage our visual and actionable dashboard to support benefit consultants and employers to identify 10-15% worth of cost containment, empowering their account execs
  • Support care management by bringing predictive risks and all member level financial, utilization, condition risk and response data in one place. By identifying 25% more high risk members, and reducing the call time by 15 minutes, they are able to deliver better risk and cost containment
  • Our member centric recommendation, notification and communication tool is helping employers, benefit consultants and the TPA to turn insights into member actions that are tracked. Eg., for one employer, 67% of identified members closed one or more gaps in care
  • AI Chat bot has the potential to reduce 50% – 70% of the calls to the TPA, generating immediate value and improved member experience and opportunity to re-direct members pro-actively to better places of care