How are you helping your employees with the return to work transition?

What is the problem?

COVID-19 has brought many changes in our lives and the biggest challenge faced by employers right now is how to seamlessly and safely integrate their workers back into the workplace

  • Employers need to be ready for return to work, and comply with various state rules.
  • According to an article on The Guardian, a survey was sent out to 3,500 workers by the GMB Union and the results were as follows:
    • 4 out of 5 workers were skeptical about returning back to work
    • 2 out of 3 workers described that they received “unclear” instructions on returning back to work

What are employers looking for?

      • Employers impacted by these requirements looking for return to work compliance surveys due to different requirements by states
      • Identifying risky population (CVD, diabetes, asthma) and connecting them to telemedicine services including remote mental and behavioral health
        services (tele-psychiatry, virtual therapy etc.)
      • Inform employees about telemedicine and other tele-health services by removing co-pay
      • COVID-19 testing and treatment related co-pays are already removed
      • Employers are looking to run campaigns for members focusing on wellness, medical, Rx, and services. For example, closing certain gaps in care including PCP visits, flu vaccinations, foot examination for pre-diabetic and diabetic members, and other preventative health screening reminders.
      • Reminder to opt for low-cost in-network MRI/CT scanning centers
      • Urgent care options so that the ED usage decreases
      • Mail-order pharmacy promotion to reduce the usage of retail pharmacy
      • Other considerations include: contract tracing, on-site testing, communication with employees directly, and discussing health benefits

      What are employees looking for?

            • Who are my telemedicine providers?
            • What are my COVID-19 benefits?
            • Can I get tested for COVID-19?
            • Provider network status, balance bill network, deductible and co-pay urgent care, service subject to deductible?

            Campaigns members are responding to:

            • State-specific stay-at-home guidelines with latest information from state advisory councils
            • Promoting telemedicine and other remote health services
            • Help members track the new COVID-19 cases in their state and local areas

            According to an article on The Guardian*, a survey was sent out to 3,500 workers by the GMB Union and the results were as follows:


             The Washington Post* released an Ipsos poll data where 8,000 adults were surveyed and around 6 out of 10 Americans were concerned about being exposed to the virus and spreading it. Essentially, they would like to know what measures are being put in place by their employers to ensure their safety.

            How can employers help their employees?

            zConnect is a mobile app portal that helps members complete diagnostic surveys and understand their healthcare and benefits. It is also central resource to receive the latest information, resources, and answers to members’ benefits and plan related questions including any urgent matters related to COVID-19.

            1. Survey

            2. Entrance Pass

            3. Reporting

            If you’d like to learn more about the return to work transition through zConnect, contact us today!

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