Success Stories

Visual storytelling of data helps a large supermarket client with strategic decisions

September 11, 2020
Problem The employees belong to a low-income group and the healthcare costs are rising by the year The employer is...
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zAnalytics insights transforms TPA offerings

September 8, 2020
Problem Bringing diverse datasets from multiple sources was challenging Reporting lacked direction and tangible action opportunities   Solution Visual dashboard...
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Direct communication to close gaps in care

September 6, 2020
Problem Large prevalence of high-risk, multiple chronic co-morbidities and historically low level of employee engagement   Solution Personalized communication using...
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Supercharged personalized multi-channel member engagement

August 25, 2020
Problem Employers cannot do direct personalized health coaching due to confidentiality Members don’t track on their risks and opportunities Health...
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zNavigator member-level data-integration enables efficient, holistic case management

July 17, 2020
Problem Fragmented data means case managers waste time manually compiling a members’ clinical picture Solution Member-level data consolidation across medical,...
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Closing gap in care using member outreach platform

December 28, 2019
Problem Employees of a city/municipality in the Southeast region were having issues getting their members to visit their PCPs for...
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Manufacturing company of 800 members with high ED visit

May 14, 2019
Problem High rate of avoidable ED visits, despite repeated marketing attempts by broker, urgent care adoption lacking Solution zAnalytics identified...
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How we effectively tackled engagement and enrollment issues

January 25, 2017
Problem Without clear insights, uncovering the right members to target is an art more than a science Difficulties in getting...
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