Why zConnect?

zConnect is your one-stop shop for all employee-engagement solutions. From member-outreach to enrollment assistance and library of actions, zConnect s goal is to reduce your healthcare costs while increasing employee-engagement. We guarantee to increase engagement by 30%.

The Problem

  • Identification – Don’t know what employees’ health issues and risks are
  • Direction – Unsure what actions employees should take and how to communicate solutions to them
  • Motivation – Don’t know how to show unique value to motivate employees to take the next step


We turn your problems around with our following solutions

  • Identification – Individualized action plan uniquely generated for each employee based on health data
  • Direction – Clear, step by step directions, reminders and tips sent right to employees’ phones
  • Motivation – Personalized messaging rooted in behavioral economics and member-specific driven make communications relevant and engaging

How can zConnect help you?

zConnect is a platform which enables push notifications for employee engagement.zConnect helps you send communications to employees, at company level or member level, to deliver much higher engagement/response from employees. We do this by ensuring your healthcare programs and solutions are being communicated, promoted and passed on to members in a personalized way. For

For example, For gap closure, one of the main reminders is regarding clinical visits and tests. For diabetes, an email is sent for annual foot exam.


How do we do it?

The five steps of the campaign include:

Why zConnect?

There is nothing out there that brings member level analytics to drive push notification to inform and communciate employees so that your healthcare programs are being used and it works well because ofthe following reasons:

Personalized messaging – Messages are personalized based on employee preferences and health status to deliver unique, relevant information.

Vast action library – Choose an effective action from our action library to engage employees.

Behavioral economics – Message templates are constructed with behavioral economics levers designed to produce the highest level of motivation and results.

Integrated solutions – The push notifications are designed to work with existing solution providers and increase engagement of carrier options.

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