z5: A Technology-Driven Consultant

z5 is a data and service hub and an information exchange that keeps employers, employees, healthcare service providers and disease management specialists connected 24/7.

Our goal is to provide a range of specific solutions to reduce population risks while reducing your healthcare costs. We coordinate the data exchange between solutions, independently measure the effectiveness of each action and can provide data for targeted outreach to get members engaged.


Member-specific analysis of all healthcare data to identify and prioritize cost drivers and population risks, empowered by a roadmap of actionable solutions for 15% cost containment.Partnered with your carrier for seamless data integration and quality control.

  • Partnered with your carrier for seamless data integration and quality control.
  • Map your cost drivers and risks with prospective analysis of future expenses and potential savings to prioritize programs and solutions.
  • Build customizable cohorts compared to industry benchmarks and view member-specific data and actions.


Turn insights into actions by implementing a personalized solution plan that targets your top cost drivers and boosts engagement by 30% using push notifications.

  • Reduce expenses by addressing your top cost drivers with our prioritized action plans.
  • Close gaps in care and manage preventive health benefits to minimize risk and contain costs.
  • Implement select programs from our library of external solution providers to maximize savings.
  • Amplify the impact of solutions with our push notification system to drive engagement and reduce inefficiencies.


Regular reports of your solutions’ impact on employee health, engagement, and savings.

  • Monthly summary of changes in cohort expenses and health trends.
  • Continuously monitor employee engagement and compliance while tracking the efficacy and ROI of programs implemented in real time.
  • Clear presentation of complex data empowered by a roadmap of actionable solutions proven to generate 15% cost containment, improve employee engagement by x%, and save you time.

Why choose us?

  • z5 helps you with healthcare risk management
  • When you review your healthcare spend against relevant benchmarks you will have a better understanding of your cost drivers and save 10% on your healthcare costs.
  • Now you can get answers to the critical questions regarding healthcare benefits and cost, without performing manual analyses or data manipulation. z5 does this analysis seamlessly and 24/7 with results and course corrections.
  • Understand high-risk segments with informative charts that highlight troubling trends and tell a clear story about what is happening to an employer’s population.
  • See everything in one place with an easy interface and simple controls that put all your healthcare business analytics, analysis and risk management solutions at your fingertips.