z5: A Technology-Driven Consultant

z5 is a data and service hub and an information exchange that keeps employers, employees, healthcare service providers and disease management specialists connected 24/7. It constantly monitors every data point and healthcare record to analyze and assess what’s working and what’s not–all to find the pain points buried in your data and provide the answers you need.


z5 helps you with healthcare risk management

Our goal is to remove existing barriers that results in targeted actions that are taken by employers and their employees. Identify and prioritize the inefficiencies in healthcare at your workplace, take action by enabling solutions, target and engage your employees and track the efficiencies of your programs.

Five steps to reduce healthcare costs

  • Manage your population with zPopulation
  • Prioritize and optimize inefficiencies with zOptimize
  • Implement solutions for top inefficiencies with zSolution
  • Ensure employee engagement on a member-level with zEngage
  • Track the effectiveness of your programs with zProgram

10% cost reductions

When you review your healthcare spend against relevant benchmarks you will have a better understanding of your cost drivers and save 10% on your healthcare costs.


Save 100s of Hours

Now you can get answers to the critical questions regarding healthcare benefits and cost, without performing manual analyses or data manipulation. z5 does this analysis seamlessly and 24/7 with results and course corrections.

Better Health Outcomes

Understand high-risk segments with informative charts that highlight troubling trends and tell a clear story about what is happening to an employer’s population. This employee tracking down to the individual level will help you create tailored programs that will result in overall better health outcomes.

All-in-one Dashboard

See everything in one place with an easy interface and simple controls that put all your healthcare business analytics, analysis and risk management solutions at your fingertips.