Dan Gebremedhin MD, MBA wrote an article for mobihealthnews regarding the current trends and the top 5 predictions for 2016 in health tech and services. He has mentioned names of companies that are working to bring this change to the industry and zakipoint Health is one of them.

Excerpts from the article:

“The last two years have been a regulatory rollercoaster for small and medium sized employers, and it has resulted in significant anxiety about increasing healthcare costs. Because of their size, these employers do not have the resources to hire high powered advisory services and brokers such as Aon Hewitt, Mercer, and Towers Watson to negotiate the best deal with large carriers. This employer market is in desperate need of tech tools that level the playing field and remove the information asymmetry between payers and smaller employers that provide health benefits to their employees. Many early stage companies are entering this space to provide solutions to help employers manage healthcare costs through Medical Cost analytics (Obeo, Zakipoint), Benefit design automation (Benefittr, Benefitfocus), and eligibility navigation tools (Accolade, Zest Health) …”

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