What is z5?

Our solution, z5, is a SaaS-based platform, that provides reporting and advanced analytics to show impact of your current programs across key and relevant metrics. z5 HealthMetrics points to areas of improvement using sophisticated data science. e.g., you will know if your coaching program is working on men in the age range of 30 – 39 at a particular location in Chicago.


Show the ROI of your programs

Employers need to understand which of their programs are delivering value, and how they can improve the impact on their population and bottom line. Show ROI of the programs and track metrics by bringing all the data together with z5 HealthMetrics.

Tell your story visually

Deliver visually compelling reports and collaborate with clients directly on our tool to save time from slicing, dicing and preparing reports. Access always on visual story, analytics and ability to drill down to a specific cohort to deliver custom reports and make decisions. 

Proactively identify populations for improvement

Understand highest-risk segments who are likely to be most expensive in the next 12 months and why (health conditions, gaps in care, healthcare utilization). Target those who are likely to change behavior. Prioritize the next 50 people that you can have an impact on.


Improve Engagement

Identify those who are likely to disengage before that happens and understand member level priorities, message attributes, and incentives that will engage members in your program.

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