Do the following apply to you?

  • Are you scared of losing clients? Is retention a factor in your business?
  • Are you able to showcase your ROI in front of your clients?
  • Can you implement programs that provide measurable solutions?
  • Are you able to smartly differentiate from your clients’ perspective?
  • Do you have a turnkey method for deploying innovative solutions?

Our Solution: z5

  • A Cloud-based platform that transforms advanced analytics into clear insights
  • Showcases the impact of your clients’ programs across key metrics that are consistent and relevant to program performance
  • Points out areas to improve using simple tools powered by sophisticated data science
  • Match needs of employers with providers that deliver results targeted to those needs.

Show the ROI of your programs

Employers need to understand which of their programs are delivering value, and how they can improve the impact on their population health as well as their bottom line. Show ROI of the programs and track metrics by bringing all the data together with z5.

Drive Retention

Acting as the single source of truth for an employer’s healthcare information, our data-driven approach exposes the underlying issues and suggests solutions – along with indicators of future performance. z5 helps reduced churn as since employers clamoring for understanding the efficacy and value across their programs cannot easily duplicate your ability to provide these insights. 

Save time

Free up hours spent on client reporting while still delivering detailed insights and analysis your clients will value. Outputs tailored for consultants give you the information you need to optimize clients’ healthcare spend, while leading to superior outcomes for their members.


Upsell Innovative Solutions

Unique cost control and member management solutions enabled through the platform have proven track records of saving employers tens of thousands of dollars, while improving health. Being able to predict the impacts and outcomes of our solution partners with some certainty eases the barriers to adoption and deployment. In some cases, we can even go “at risk” with our partners, making the sale-to-implementation process nearly frictionless.

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