How can z5 help you?

How do you engage employees beyond enrollment and up-sell tools to help benefit consultants manage employers’ healthcare spend? Self-funded employers and their benefits consultants are now increasingly focused on understanding drivers of healthcare costs, risks, and inefficiencies. There’s a great need to communicate with employees to engage in relevant programs and solutions that help reduce the healthcare costs and get better outcomes. We take all the claims data, run it through our platform, z5, to gain insights, actions, and tracking.


Show your value to your clients

Show your ROI to your clients by helping them reduce their healthcare costs with our SaaS-based platform that delivers the following

  • A clearer understanding of future risks in the population and identify right programs
  • Identify cost saving opportunities and onboard solutions that can help you capture the savings
  • Communicate the value of programs and solutions to members by identifying member level priorities

Ensure better engagement

Our goal is to help self-funded employers better manage population costs, risks, and program utilization and ensure better engagement by employees. z5 integrates members healthcare data from medical, pharmacy, biometric, program participation, eligibility, channel interaction data, and demographic data, then correlates to member level models to promote right programs and improve engagement.


Proven results

We provide a dashboard to benefits consultants and benefits administrations  to manage these programs in one place. We have successfully increased engagement levels in programs by 30% and reduced healthcare costs by 3% and assisted benefits administrators invest in programs that are driving impact.



Dashboards that tell a story

Presentation of data is important for better understanding of what’s happening with the population. Contextual presentation of data helps your clients including brokers explain the story of the population to end users, i.e. employers. Show movement of data easily using our z5 Platform’s dashboard.

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