Why work for us?

  • Work with top class entrepreneurial team (both co-founders have built companies and sold them successfully)
  • Salary, healthcare, and other benefits package including a good equity package
  • Learn about healthcare costs and areas of major impact
  • Direct impact in growing an organization and be part of an exciting start-up.


Position: Account Director

zakipoint Health is seeking to attract a smart, motivated individual looking for a role Account Director to support the growth in customers and work on an important problem – US healthcare costs and help build zakiptoint Health be a huge success, and enjoy the benefits of that success.

You will be directly involved in working with our channel partner customers (Benefit Consultants, Self-funded employers, Carriers, and Solution partners) to on-board our customers and deliver insights. You will work directly with the two co-founders (CEO and CTO) and be part of the executive team to grow the business.


Skills required:

  1. Undergraduate degree in data-oriented subject: Math, Philosophy etc.
  2. Experience working at a benefit consulting or healthcare analytics solution provider
  3. Strong communication skills
  4. Good relationship
  5. Experience in delivering healthcare data analytic insights to employers or benefit consultants
  6. Seeks high-growth professional experience and motivated to accelerate learning to become a leader in the business.
  7. Curious and comfortable working with new technologies

Your Responsibilities Will Include:

  1. Work with Benefit Consultants to continually understand what they are looking for and feed it to the product team
  2. Work with partners, customers, ZPH data management and tech team to get access to data and project manage the on-boarding
  3. Deliver insights and support benefit consultants in driving change
  4. Part of the leadership team at ZPH to drive product innovation with changing healthcare landscape
  5. Build relationship with producers across a benefits consultant to expand ZPH product adoption across book of business

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Every business should expect transparency and effectiveness from their healthcare spend. Today healthcare is a major cost after salaries for employers. And a major issue for consumers.

ZakipointHealth has one goal: to enable every company, regardless of size, to understand and lower their health care costs, easily and affordably. ┬áThis is a market worth $2.5 – $ 3 bn, is inadequately served today, and not served at all for businesses with less than 3000 employees.

Our solution z5, is a SaaS-based tool, which integrates all healthcare data, enabling a customer to analyze claims; cost drivers, population risks (current and future) and programs, provider and benefit plan performance in one place, and then understand impact of various programs. And finally dynamic prioritization of programs for employees to improve sign-up and engagement

Together with an extraordinary team of colleagues and advisors, we are on a road to taking this to many many more customers.

Please email ramesh.kumar@zakipointhealth.com if you’re interested or know someone who is interested.

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