Lowering employers’ healthcare costs

A better understanding of risks, costs and programs by bringing all the healthcare data in one place

Your Problem

Average Annual Healthcare Spend Per Employee


Wasted Spend on Healthcare Services

Potential wasted spend*

*For a company with 500 employees.

Our Solution — Your Benefits

Understand risks & costs

Know what will drive your future costs and risks, and the conditions in your population. Learn which programs are delivering value, and what solutions are relevant to manage future risk.

Deploy programs that deliver value

Choose programs that add value and can help your population become healthier overall. Track the efficiency to know which ones are actually working.

Member Enrollment

Member engagement is key. Enroll the highest risk members of your population into programs that provide value. Reach out to your population through various channels.

Up to 10% Cost Containment

This is the average annual return on investments (ROI) our customers see.


How can zakipoint Health help?

z5 can help you with the following

  • All the relevant data in one dashboard
  • Shows employee participation in all programs
  • Predicts future health care costs so you can set priorities
  • Prioritizes programs that will deliver return
  • Improves engagement with employees

Who We Serve

Benefits Administration

Improve employee engagement, workforce health, and productivity.

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Benefit Consultants

Advise clients on how to lower the cost curve with more creative and powerful solutions at your fingertips.

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Corporate Wellness Providers

Differentiate your offerings and access tools that help you improve your impact and outcomes.

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Our success stories

  • How data analysis has helped a client save $$$
  • How we helped tackle member engagement efficiently
  • Efficient way of presenting complex data and other success stories

Working with the best in the industry

Web Industries

zakipoint Health’s ability to mine our data and provide us with practical recommendations helps us mitigate the ever-rising costs of providing health coverage to our employees. – Carl Rubin, Former CFO

J. Smith Lanier

As the cost of healthcare continues to rise, our clients have charged us with developing and implementing a strategy to appropriately manage the risk associated with their health plan(s). ZPH’s software provides our clients with actionable insights around claim drivers and offers innovative solutions to ensure appropriate and effective risk management. – Jack Wilkinson

Affiliated Physicians

Self-funded employers want to understand their risks and cost drivers. It is a huge challenge to bring together all the data in a visual, meaningful way and to drive actions. zakipoint Health is providing a faster and more actionable way to understand and manage healthcare risk for employers. We are looking to take z5 to all our customers. – Ari Cukier, COO

J. Smith Lanier

Given what’s out there and at the price points they want, it’s the best thing I’ve seen on the market. – Scott Baggett, CHC, Vice President, Benefits Advisory Group












Health Solutions Inc.

Employers are looking for more control to understand future risks and solutions for mitigating these risks. This opens up opportunities for us to deliver more value. – Jeff Sheetz, CEO












Milliman Mara

We employ MIlliman Mara’s risk prediction model












True North

Working with TrueNorth, an insurance and financial strategies company, to help them reduce their healthcare costs








Showa Gloves

Working with Showa Gloves, an industrial gloves manufacturing company, to help them reduce their healthcare costs








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